EASTERN-TRADE GROUP is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and global exporter of Moulding and Millwork and serves customers with a wide range of lumber species and grades to serve industrial and commercial applications.

EASTERN-TRADE believes that responsible stewardship of the world's forest resources is an essential element of global business ethics C which is why EASTERN-TRADE is proud to be an accredited Chain of Custody supplier of both Moulding and Millwork.EASTERN-TRADE expects and demands that our suppliers and providers respect all regulations that national and local authorities impose regarding timber management practices and responsible forest harvesting. By holding such responsible practices at the core of our business, we help maintain a vital equilibrium between natural regeneration of our planet's forest resources, and responsible economic harvesting to serve the needs of the world's industrial and consumer economy.

At EASTERN-TRADE we have conducted our business in this responsible manner since our start over 70 years ago in the age of our grandfather, and will continue these same practices well into the future.


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